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KU: Fujimoto Junichiro by chazillah KU: Fujimoto Junichiro by chazillah


Name: Fujimoto, Junichiro
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
Date of Birth: April 22nd, 1991
Degree: Business, with a minor in marketing
Year: 4


Junichiro is a hard-working, bright man who has always had big visions and ideas since he was a kid. He was raised in a family who kept him busy with many extra-curricular activities, mostly music-related due to the desires of his mother. As a child, he envisioned himself being a game developer since he often played on game consoles with his father.

However, his elementary and middle school years were mediocre and it turned out that Junichiro was very average at programming (which he was attempting to learn so he could create his own games). Mediocre grades did not please his father, who was becoming more distant as Junichiro went through his teenage years due to work and a possible affair. The household became rather stiff and Junichiro felt the pressure to try harder to please his discontent father.

He started making friends with the “smart kids” in high school and tried to increase his scores. It worked, but his father remained rather unfeeling towards his son and appeared difficult to please. Junichiro had a few relationships with girls in high school but nothing too extraordinary---he often let them wither and fade away.

Due to his sub-par programming skills, he decided to change his path to business when University came. Upon entering Kamenoko, he had a burning desire to be top of his classes in order to win back the affection of his father. By his second year, he was working part-time, running as the Student Council president (and would for the next two years), and working on marketing ambitious gaming projects.

His second and third year of University were by far the most successful in his entire life. He partnered up with a terrific programmer and ended up developing a game on the Occulus Rift, a virtual reality headset that had recently been produced in America. They won an award in a business competition for their efforts. However, there were some quarrels between the two in regards to the business model that they would use in order to market and build the full game, as well as some funding and monetary issues. The project has apparently been put on a hiatus.


Amiable and open. On the surface, Junichiro is an extremely kindred person with an openness towards just about anyone. He appears optimistic and is always offering his help in whatever way he can. With a tendency to go out of his way for his friends, he has maintained quite a strong and large social circle for himself. He has a rather popular reputation and is generally well-liked by people, though this is very much a surface trait and a 'social image' for him to live by.

Courteous and overcompensating. This is by far the most obvious feature of Junichiro and perhaps a repercussion his complex towards his father. He will bend over backwards for people, regardless of who they are. A people-pleaser at heart, he genuinely enjoys seeing others happy through his efforts. However, he is much too complaisant and has a difficult time stating his opinions. When it boils down to confrontations, he buckles under stress and either keeps his mouth shut or tries to appease the situation.

Strong moral integrity and work ethic. Junichiro is extremely grounded in his moral values and makes a very honest businessman. He dislikes the shadier parts of the industry and fights against it in every way he can. However, this leads him to be quite naive and probably ill-suited for some tasks; he could probably be taken advantage of quite easily in the industry. He also tends to overwork himself since he's not 'naturally' smart, thus getting swept away in diligence and tight schedules. This makes him an ideal University student, of course, but has consequently deteriorated his past relationships.

Uptight and neurotic. It rarely shows, but Junichiro is extremely anxious for his future and fearful that he will never appease his father. If he is discontent with a situation, he generally keeps it bottled up due to his appeasing personality. This can cause him to get in a mental fit when he's alone and he has a lot of trouble dealing with stress. As a result, he has a slight case of insomnia and often lays awake worrying about situations that he is too afraid to confront.

His neuroticism has cost him close friends in the past, and he isn't exactly an emotionally intelligent person. In the last year, he decided to maintain distance from people to avoid upsetting them with his temperamental personality.

Club: None.
Occupation: Recently promoted manager at Nikotek
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SCREECHES JUNICHIRO YOU BABE YOU GIVE ME FEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSS weeps at hos backstory atsuko knows that whole parent affair business ; 0 ;
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He looks really cool! I love his hair.
And poor boy, I hope he gets his father affection again ; w;
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