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August 25, 2012
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Kamenoko University: Hatsuhara Kuro by chazillah Kamenoko University: Hatsuhara Kuro by chazillah


Name: Hatsuhara, Kuro
Age: 24
Date of Birth: November 27th 1989
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10''
Degree: Philosophy
Year: First


:iconhatsuharaplz: :iconsaysplz: ...
Kuro is strongly opinionated and quick to judge. He generally casts away who he deems have it ‘better than him’. Often feeling sorry for himself over his situation, he can only empathize with people who have gone through hardship. He’s rather unapproachable and hasn’t been able to keep a tight social circle because of this.

He selfishly blames the rest of the world for his problems. Kuro cannot hold himself accountable for misfortune and looks for other sources to blame due to being born into his dysfunctional home in the first place. He also dislikes hearing about people’s success and it’s rare that he can be happy for another person. Therefore, he lingers in a morally gray area and never feels like he’s “in the wrong”, but rather that he “has been wronged”. He believes that he is an existential nihilist, generally quoting that life is ultimately purposeless and has no value. That isn't to say that he has no moral values, though he may question the existence of morality in the first place. This helps justify any accountability that he should be taking for his actions.

While he isn’t exactly studious, he excels in a working environment. He takes work a lot more seriously than school since he has managed jobs since his early teenage years. Employers are generally pleased with his efforts and he earns his raises quite easily. Surprisingly, he can handle customers quite well and put on a façade to please them. On the contrary, he is nothing but apathetic towards school and has never been the ‘book-smart’ type.

Even though he isn’t honest to himself, he is honest to other people. This can be terrible in the sense that he isn’t afraid to tell people that he dislikes them, but also an endearing quality to those who are closer to him. His strong opinions and blatantness have probably helped his marks from barely passing to about a C average. He also has an extremely strong sense of responsibility and independence, which results from the lack of parental involvement he had growing up. He can manage his living expenses and lifestyle, but with University this comes at the expense of his school grades.


Kuro is an only child who was raised in a dysfunctional environment. His father, currently hospitalized with leukemia, was never quite in the picture, while his mother was (and still is) a gambling addict and alcoholic. When he was older, Kuro learned from his mother that his father always had another family and that her pregnancy was entirely out of wedlock. Drama ensued and, as a result, he has never once visited his father in the hospital.

During his pre-teen years, he grew increasingly impatient and frustrated towards his mother. She flushed away thousands of dollars through her gambling habits and was often gone for days, running away from the responsibility of raising a son. Upon returning home to Kuro with no gift for his fourtenth birthday and admitting that she was unable to pay the rent, he hit her out of resentment. She called the police and, upon learning of the situation, the ministry of family development placed Kuro in foster care.

His foster parents were exceedingly caring of Kuro and did their best to encourage and provide for him. However, he saw them as a nuisance who became much too involved in trying to change who he was and often ignored them. Kuro decided that he would attend University in order to excuse himself from their home, but he didn't have the money or motivation to go right away.

Kuro worked two jobs for the next three years while renting an apartment by himself, usually drinking and smoking away a lot of his earnings. When he finally applied for University, he was rejected for his mediocre grades, so he spent another year and a half trying to pull up his grades by taking night classes and continuing work. Upon finally getting accepted, he moved into an apartment that was closer to Kamenoko University.

He doesn't know what he wants out of University, so he ends up taking his workplace much more seriously since it gives him a sense of purpose. He still works both his jobs in order to pay rent and tuition and is rather apathetic towards his grades.

Club: Not interested.

Occupation: Cook at Oyaji, part-time sales clerk at Nikotek


- He isn't book smart and he hates studying. Grades suffer as a consequence (he doesn't put in the effort and lets his two jobs take up his schedule.)
- Street smart, good with directions
- He likes physical exercise and sports, but isn't committed and can't be bothered with playing on a team
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